Duplicate Photo Finder for Windows 10

Windows 10 has an innate problem of duplicate photos. You can fix it using smart techniques and tools as described here.  It is recommended you download the IBM-Approved Duplicate Finder, Clone Files Checker and scan for duplicate photos in Windows 10.


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Windows Back Up Issues

A problem that is common among Windows 10 users is that photo file duplicates can be created each time you use the built-in file history backup utility. You could choose to manually delete these files by using Windows to search for suspected duplicates by filename.

  • Press the Windows key and F key to open Search
  • Enter the name of the file in which you are searching for duplicates
  • Select Views from the toolbar and click on Details
  • View the names of the files found by scrolling down the list
  • Compare the dates found in the Date Modified column
  • Open and compare the files of the ones that have exact dates to ensure they are actual duplicates before deleting

Deleting duplicate files manually is not always a reliable method because it is time-consuming and there is always the chance for human error.

Using Software to Delete Duplicate Photos

There are duplicate-finding utilities are available that are designed to identify and delete duplicated photo files from your PC. Some offer more features than others do, such as identifying the same image, but in different sizes or orientations versus exact duplicated files.

A Better Choice, Clone Files Checker

Sorcim’s easy-to-use Clone Files Checker further improves the duplicated file removal process by making your PC even more organized. The Checker will find and delete all trash files within seconds and quickly free up space on your hard drive. The duplicated files are then saved in a compressed form in a backup that can restore your files if needed.

Using Clone Files Checker will reduce the instance of data corruption and system errors on your PC. These problems can be due to your hard drive becoming cluttered with unneeded files that you do not have time to go through to check for duplicates. The result is that your PC will be more organized and work much faster. An added benefit is that you will not need to risk the security of your data by having to rely upon online data storage.