Find Duplicate Files in BT Cloud

BT Cloud is a cloud file management and organizing service from a leading broadband Internet provider company in the United Kingdom.

BT users can freely store their data online and easily access it across multiple platforms such as Windows (PC, tablet and Windows Phone), Mac (laptop and tablet), Android and iPhone.


BT adds an extra layer of security to the user data and protects it against all kinds of eventualities that might arise because of human error, accidental data loss, hard drive failure and virus infection. If the worst happens, the data can be easily recovered with just a few clicks. It provides data synchronization which keeps your files updated on both ends to reflect any recent changes that have been brought about by the user. Never worry about carrying an external hard disk, a DVD or a USB stick while traveling. Just log-in to your cloud account from anywhere, anytime to access your important files.


The Problem of Duplication

While working with an extensive database of documents, music, videos, images, compressed files, there is always a chance of duplication. Identical copies of your data might probably be scattered across different folders and subfolders on the cloud. As a result, you might exhaust your cloud allocation and hence end up having to pay for upgrading your cloud storage subscription account.


Why do you Need Clone Files Checker?

Do you never delete anything from BT Cloud unless it gets completely filled up? Clone Files Checker makes it easy and fun to organize your massive library in a just a couple of minutes. You’d be surprised to figure out how many GBs of your BT Cloud Storage can be occupied by duplicate office files, media library, movies, images and other files. Sorcim’s Cloud duplicate finder and cleaner makes your life a lot easier by scanning and removing all duplicate cloud content in a matter of seconds.


What’s so special?

  • Clone Files Checker’s unique selection assistant automatically groups your files so that you can easily determine the quantity of cloned copies of any given file
  • You need not delete every duplicate; you can even move them to a folder / drive of your choice
  • Saves invaluable time and user efforts
  • Capable of detecting duplicates found on hard disk, external hard drive, DVD, USB and other removable media
  • You may specify the directory / drive to look for duplicates or conduct a full hard drive scan to search the entire hard drive
  • Windows is not equipped with a dupes finder feature. A third-party duplicate cleaner is therefore essential
  • Manually checking the contents of each file can be a tedious, time-consuming and complicated task
  • Clone Files Checker is the simple way to detect and remove identical files automatically. No manual efforts are required on the part of the user
  • Supports scanning duplicate files regardless of their filenames and locations
  • Select or unselect group(s) of items depending on your preferences
  • You can even choose whether to keep the parent file or retain a cloned copy and delete / move all the remaining copies
  • Automatically backups your files before deleting


Finding and Deleting/ Moving Duplicates

  1. Log-in to your online BT Cloud Account.
  2. Download all documents and other content from the server to your hard disk.
  3. Download and install Clone Files Checker.
  4. Click the Add button on the left panel.
  5. Select the folder where you BT Cloud content is located. You can also add multiple folders.
  6. To select a limited set of file types, choose the Custom scan option, otherwise select All Files.
  7. Would you like to ignore files above/ below a certain size? You can customize the scan further by configuring these File Size Filter options.
  8. Finally, launch the scan and wait for results.
  9. After finishing the scan, you’ll be prompted to select either of the following options:
    • Quick-Fix: Take a universal course of action on all duplicates irrespective of their size, type, name etc. Just select which version (newer / older) you want to retain and that’s about it.
    • Review & Fix: Review files in a group, take action on all or some duplicates based on your discretion
  10. That’s it, folks. Your data is now free from any duplicate content. You can upload it to the BT Cloud server again. You can use the CFC to remove duplicates from Google Drive cloud as well.