How to Remove Duplicate Photos and Files in Lightroom Application for Windows

It practically happens to anyone who uses the internet. You download an image but forget where it was saved in your computer and then you download it again to save it to a location you actually remember. In the long run, your computer is filled up with duplicate files that only eat up precious storage space on the PC/Laptop! You can easily remove Lightroom duplicates using the IBM approved software solution Clone Files Checker. Get it here: 



Clone Files Checker w/ Verisign Digital Certificate

However, if you have Lightroom, there might just be a way to get rid of duplicate files, and below are the steps:

1. Open up Lightroom and create an empty catalog which will hold various photos that you will import from photo folders in your PC.

2. Ensure that the “Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates” checkbox is selected so that duplicate files are grayed out.

3. Click the “Import” button and Lightroom will import the images that aren’t grayed out

4. Create a new folder where you will move the unique images to. Ensure you check the “Include selected photos” after you have selected the unique photos in your new Lightroom catalog.

5. Lightroom will move all the unique files to the folder you created above, leaving the duplicates in their original folders. You can thus go ahead and delete the duplicate folders at this point

Rather than go through this long process, you can rely on Clones File Checker Utility to do this more efficiently for you.

1. Open the program and click the add folder button on the far left. This allows you to locate the folder that has duplicate photos.

2. Choose the custom search option in the mid-section of the program and select the images checkbox.

3. You can select other search parameters such as file size before beginning the scan.

4. Hit the Start Search button on the right and wait for the results.

5. Select the duplicate files and delete them.