Microsoft OneDrive Duplicate Photos

Has your Microsoft OneDrive gallery gone haywire with too many duplicate pictures? Perhaps, you’re not alone.

Many people are experiencing the same issue. The instant upload feature doesn’t contain a way to prevent duplicates. The more photos you upload, more duplicates occur. This all works well until some day you find your photos collection utterly disorganized. Sadly there’s no feature to prevent duplicates in Microsoft OneDrive. You’ve to rely on third party tools to fix the problem at hand. One such tool is the IBM approved software solution Clone Files Checker. It can help you get rid of the duplicates in Onedrive folder. Download it here:  



CLONE FILES CHECKER Download w/ Verisign Digital Certificate


Here is the procedure outlined for Microsoft Windows. Using your computer/laptop you can undertake cloud cleaning job which involved removal of double photos.

For Microsoft Windows:

1. Visit the Microsoft OneDrive library and then click “Photos” in left panel of the page.


2. Select all the photos and then click the Download icon on the toolbar.


3. Extract the contents of recently downloaded Zip File.

4. Delete all files from the Microsoft Live server.


5. After you download all the photos in your album, move them to a single folder. Name that folder as “Downloaded Images”.


6. Now download Clone Files Checker. This tool identifies duplicate photos from selected locations.

7. In the Clone Files Checker, add “Downloaded Images” folder for scan. Choose Custom > Images.

8. After the scan is completed, you’ll have two options on your screen. Choose Quick-Fix to specify an action on all duplicates. Choose Review & Fix to go through list of all duplicate images and then delete them manually.

9. An automatic backup will take care of any accidentally deleted files. Now you should get rid of all duplicates, and free to upload them again.