Remove Duplicates in Winamp

Winamp is one of those software programs most probably all of us remember to have used as the first ever third-party media player back in the old days.

It was first rolled out in 1997, and although it has lost a bulk of it’s market overtime to competitors, it still retains a sizeable presence.

Today we’re out to look at the erratic issue of tackling duplicate content in Winamp’s music library. If you happen to be an avid music listener and as such possess a gigantic music collection, weeding out duplicate files can prove to be a really tough job. But, worry not! Clone Files Checker has got you covered with it duplicate song finding mechanism. Download it here, and remove all the duplicate songs in Winamp library: 

Winamp Duplicates? Download Clone Files Checker

Winamp user interface
Winamp user interface

Traditional duplicate finders usually fail miserably at scanning for and rooting out music files due to the following reasons:

  1. One-to-one match will fail due to different file names and sizes.
  2. ASCII files comparators which check the similarities between two text files will also fail since music files are binary files.

The technique of comparing metadata comes in very handy at this stage and helps in identifying similar or duplicate music files. There are several music duplicate finders out there, amongst them Clone Files Checker is a state-of-the-art solution that offers excellent protection against duplicate files of all types (including music files).

Selecting the Music Search
Selecting the Music Search mode

Since we’re talking about scanning for duplicate music files here, you need to select the Music Search mode (located right under the Cloud Scan tab). Next, click the green colored Add button to add up as many folders as you want where you wish the scan to be directed at. Alternatively, you can choose to select a hard drive or all the drives on your computer, and this is highly recommended.


The Music Search mode facilitates scanning for duplicate music files by selecting the metadata fields to be checked, such as Title, Artist, Album etc. The File Content option performs a content match if the music tags are missing. Next, you can opt to specify any file size limitations (upper / lower limits) for the results to be filtered accordingly.

Once you’re done specifying the filtering criteria, click the blue colored Start Search button.

Scan in progress
Scan in progress

Once the scan is over, you will notice a bar at the bottom of the UI indicate the total number of duplicate (or more copies) unearthed and the aggregate storage space being wasted due to them.


You will see a set of predefined selection criteria options popping right out of the Select Duplicates button.

Select your desired option
Select the desired option

Once you’ve made your choice, click on the Select Action button and you will be prompted to select what course of action you wish to be taken for the duplicates.

Select either of the 2 options
Select either of the 2 options

There are two main options, either to completely delete the duplicate files or only move them to a different folder.