Remove MediaMonkey Duplicate Music Files

The MediaMonkey software offers a free jukebox for an extensive collection of audio files, has an inbuilt feature to help identify and remove duplicate tracks.

It uses an algorithm that matches duplicate songs in two ways: Songs with the same titles, and songs with identical audio signatures. An Audio Signature is a summary of an audio file attribute that helps to identify file characteristics. It’s recommended you scan your system with the IBM approved solution, Clone Files Checker. Download it here, and check for duplicate songs:

MediaMonkey Dupes? Download Clone Files Checker


Finding Duplicate Songs by their Titles

  1. In the left-hand side panel, expand the top node named Library.
  2. Expand the Files to Edit node.
  3. Now expand the Duplicate Titles node.
  4. MediaMonkey will initiate the scan and bring up results in the right-hand side panel.


Finding Duplicate Songs by their Content/ Audio Signature

  1. Expand the Library node once again.
  2. Expand the Files to Edit, and then Duplicate Content nodes.
  3. The File analyzation process will now spring into action. After data analyzation is successful, expand the results by clicking the plus sign (+).
  4. You can review and delete any duplicate tracks that have been detected.


Scheduling an Automatic Scan

You can set up an automatic duplicate scan upon adding new files to the MediaMonkey library. Here is how you will go about availing this feature.

  1. Click the Tools menu on the menu bar and select Options.
  2. You will get a new dialog, click the Library tab on the left.
  3. Select the Duplicate Content checkbox, and then click OK.


Remove Gigabytes of Duplicates with an Advanced Dupes Finder

MediaMonkey’s built-in duplicate finder comes with it’s own share of restrictions. It can’t find dupes beyond the same title and audio signature criteria. The need for a third-party duplicate finder becomes more imperative to recover storage space lost to duplicate content and put it to efficient use.

Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker enables searching for identical copies by various music tags including Title, Artist, Album, Track, Duration, Bitrate and File Content. Also, there are file size filters which allow users to exclude data that is above or below the specified criteria in it’s size. For example: Find duplicates between 10KB to 2MB in size.


Customizable Scan

As a music lover, your files could be scattered across the entire hard disk, making it difficult to locate and compare manually. A dupes cleaner will thoroughly and efficiently check each folder, subfolder and come up with a result. You can exclude individual folders from the scan.


Automatic Backup

Clone Files Checker takes good care of all deleted duplicates as they are automatically backed up before the deletion initializes. This is helpful as if you wish to restore them later onwards, you should simply go to the History tab in the main user interface, select a scan on the left and click Restore. You can restore individual files or the entire trove of files from a particular scan, depending on your needs.


Cloud Integration

Do you store your music online? Clone Files Checker has a bandwidth-saving Cloud Scan feature that performs a scan without having to download any files from the Internet.


Scan History

Clone Files Checker keeps a catalog of occupied space, duplicate files detected in each scan in the History tab. You may export this information into a file by clicking the Export List button in the System Scan tab.


Quick-Fix and Review & Fix

Quick-Fix takes a single action on all duplicates irrespective of their attributes whereas Review & Fix records a list of files for the user to select and take specific measures on various groups of files.