Remove Microsoft Onedrive Duplicate Files

If you routinely use OneDrive to manage your file storage needs, you may find that the limited space you have is being eaten up by duplicate files. Some people find that accessing and editing their files from different devices causes OneDrive to create a new duplicate each time the file is changed. As a result, you will need to go back through to find and remove all of the OneDrive duplicate files that are filling up your cloud space.


Find Onedrive Duplicates

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Finding Duplicate Files

OneDrive duplicate photos and files are created whenever a file is changed in multiple locations, and the program cannot determine which version is now correct. OneDrive creates a new file with the computer name added to the end as a way to distinguish which files have been changed and from which location. This gives you a simple way to search for duplicate files with the File Explorer application.


To do a search for duplicate files, simply open File Explorer and navigate to the OneDrive folder location on your PC. Then, in the search bar, enter the name of the alternate computer that is being used when duplicate files are created. Any file name that has that computer’s name added to the end will show up. You can now sort through the files to see which ones need to be saved and which ones can be deleted.


Deleting Duplicate Files

Once you have isolated the duplicate files that are no longer needed, you can manually delete them as you would any other file. If you are deleting all duplicates created by an alternate computer, it is easy to select all files with that computer name at the end and delete them at once. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a solution to the duplicate problem yet, so many people are still finding that they have the same file saved in multiple places with the computer name added up to five times at the end. This is obviously a problem that needs to be resolved to avoid overtaxing the limited drive space you have. The best defense currently is to do a regular sweep of your OneDrive folder to find duplicate files and identical photos in OneDrive and remove them before they get out of hand. After your first two or three times through you should have a good handle of which files are being updated, and know how to clean up your folder with very little effort.


OneDrive is a useful tool for storing your files in the cloud and allowing access to them across multiple devices. However, the issue of duplicate files and photos has become overwhelming for many users. The best way to combat these duplicating files is to keep your folders clean with a simple search that will indicate when a file has been copied, and allow you to see the most current version of the file so you can remove the others. The actual deletion process is extremely simple once you have located all of the duplicates.