Removing Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Duplicate files are unnecessary and take up quite a bit of space on your computer. A large number of duplicate files means a lot more storage capacity is utilized and therefore performance of the computer can be hampered. Removing these pesky dupes has been made easy by Clone Files Checker – the No#1 duplicate finder for Windows 10. Get it here:

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Once you download the software, follow the easy installation procedure and then launch the Clone Files Checker program. It has a fairly easy user-interface and you should be able to follow through with ease.
On the left-hand side you will see an “Add” button. This will let you manually choose the directory (ies) or folder(s) that you want to scan for the duplicate files. You can select more than one depending on your judgment of possible duplicates. For example, if I think my duplicates arise from my “Music” folder, that’s the one I would add. Otherwise, if you do not have any particular reason to think that a certain location on your computer contains duplicated files, or you just want to do a whole-system check, I recommend adding all directories apart from the Windows Installation one. There is also a “Remove” button for you to choose which folder(s) to exclude in the scan. It is important to also note that there is an “Include To Scan” button as well as an “Exclude From Scan” button for you to make easy choices.


On the central part I recommend selecting “All Files”. This will enable the scan to include all file types. However, if you’re scanning only for, let’s say duplicated music files, you can reduce the scan time by selecting “Custom” then “Music”. This works for whatever file types you particularly want scanned.


On the right side, you can click Start Search.


On completion of the scan, you will see the number of duplicate files found. Here you can select “Quick Fix” and then choose if you’re going to keep the newer or older file, or “Review & Fix” to manually select which file to keep.

Now, you have successfully removed Windows 10 duplicate files from your hard disk.

Note: New version of Clone Files Checker was launched on April 15, 2015. See the product tutorials here: Duplicate Finder Windows 10 Videos.