Digital Signatures

Clone Files Checker is Digitally Signed by VeriSign

We at Sorcim Technologies Pvt Ltd, digitally sign our software. Let us see in details what digital signatures are, how they are useful, how application files are signed and how a user can verify digital certificates.

What are Digital Signatures?

Digital Signatures are electronic credentials issued to software publisher company by Certification Authority (CA). Public Keys and Private Keys are associated for the identity of the software publisher, while issuing digital signatures.


  • The first thing that comes in mind is that Digital Signatures enable quick determination and verification about the authority of a digitally signed file.
  • Digital Certificates give assurance that the content of the published Executable File (.exe) is not modified by any third-party.
  • The company signing a digital certificate cannot deny association with signed content as digital certificate proves the origin of the software.

How are Software Digitally Signed?

The publisher company downloads signing tools from Certification Authorities which are similar to notary public as they sign, verify and track certificate validity.

How to check if a Software is Digitally Signed?

  1. Right click setup file of the program you’ve downloaded.
  2. Select Properties from context menu options.
  3. In the new dialog that opens, click Digital Signatures tab.
  4. The top line of the page will confirm facts about the digital signature.

You’re likely to see a message “The digital signature is OK” whenever the digital signature is valid.
On the contrary, when there are problems with the digital signature or it is invalid, you’ll see a message “This digital signature is not valid”.