Clone Files Checker's Features

Remove Duplicate Files - All File Types Included

  • Remove Duplicate Photos
  • Remove Duplicate Songs, iTunes items
  • Remove Duplicate Videos
  • Remove Duplicate Archives
  • Remove Google Drive Duplicate Files

Right-Click To Scan Drives/Folders For Dupes

Backup Prior To Deletion

  • Data is backed-up in a strictly compressed format
  • This is an optional feature to avoid data loss
  • You can delete backups from History tab of the software

Restore The Deleted Duplicate Files

You can restore data with 1-click.

Maneuver Duplicate Files

You can move cloned files to another folder.

Music Scan

Find duplicate songs based on different music tags

iTunes Duplicate Search

The iTunes mode scans your iTunes library and identifies the duplicate tracks based on different tags.

Cloud Scan

Using this feature you can scan for duplicate data in your Google Drive. You can do this without downloading Google Drive application or data on your system!