5 Qualities of Duplicate Photo Organizer Software

Duplicate Photo Organizer software helps in identifying and removing identical images. Smart algorithms and predefined parameters work precisely so it won’t leave out a single space-sucking photo in your PC. Here are top 5 qualities to look for in a duplicate picture remover tool:

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Scan For Duplicates

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Review Each File with an Image Preview

The software should make it easier for users to review all image files by providing an image preview feature. Since users cannot open each single file, an image preview box appears whenever user moves cursor on the file name. This ensures user does not lose important photos.

Choose Full Scan & Customized Scan for Better Results

In a good duplicate finder scan can be performed in two ways. Users can include all partitions of hard disk, removable media such as USB flash drive, memory stick, and so on. The second option is that of customized scan which lets you select custom directories that mainly contain image files. If you’re certain that a specific folder contains duplicates, you may have to add that directory to speed up the scan process and save time.

Enhanced Image File Security & Backup Facility

All of our PCs contain important office data that we like to keep completely unchanged. This may include clients data, financial and other information that we cannot afford to lose in any case. Users should add those directories to a listbox so that software will exclude them from the scan.

Backup feature ensures duplicate images are backed-up prior to deleting duplicates. Users can successfully restore deleted files for an efficient duplicate photo cleanup utility.

Use of Smart Algorithms during Scan

Smart algorithms are used to deal with space-sucking clone images which often occupy tens of GBs of your hard disk. Different algorithms are used to compare the file formats, sizes, names, texts.

The algorithm uses Byte-to-Byte checksum criteria for optimum image comparison. A unique identification number is generated for each file after reading its full content. It compares image file contents with other files on your hard disk to determine identical data.

Quick Fix + Review & Fix

A reliable Duplicate Photo Organizer software provides two options: Quick Fix and Review & Fix. The former automatically takes specific action on all duplicate files found. On the other hand, the latter generates scan results in a listbox so that user can review each image file and take preferred action.