How to Disable Auto Backup in Google Photos and Fix Duplicates

Cloud Storage technology is on the rise these days and companies like Google are trying their best to make the most of it. Google Photos is one such example of cloud storage. It basically started off as Google Drive and was later separated into an entire app dedicated to photos. Google Photos has attracted a lot of users as it serves 2 functions. i.e. it serves as your basic gallery app for an Android device and it also serves as a cloud storage app. Nexus phones started using Google Photos as their primary gallery app and it became an instant success. (more…)

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Remove Microsoft Onedrive Duplicate Files

If you routinely use OneDrive to manage your file storage needs, you may find that the limited space you have is being eaten up by duplicate files. Some people find that accessing and editing their files from different devices causes OneDrive to create a new duplicate each time the file is changed. As a result, you will need to go back through to find and remove all of the OneDrive duplicate files that are filling up your cloud space. (more…)

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What is Cloud Duplicate Finder?

Cloud storage comes with a problem: the rise of duplicate files in cloud and inside your computer/mac or smart device. This is inevitable and can be fixed only if you are good at organizing data. 1 way to remove redundant data is to use a Cloud Duplicate Finder such as Clone Files Checker which has a Cloud Scan feature. You can try this software by downloading it from this website. (more…)

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How to Stop Google Photos Duplicates

Here’s a simple work-around to easily delete all duplicates from the Google Photos instantly and the following procedure works for users running Microsoft Windows systems. For quick removal of dupes you can download Clone Files Checker which has a Cloud Scan mode:

Note: from Google Drive settings make sure to check “Automatically put your google photos into a folder in my Drive” and Download the IBM approved software to remove Google Drive and Google Photos duplicates: You don’t need to download Google Photos as the Clone Files Checker will remove them online.

Manual Solution

  1. Visit Google Photos:
  2. Click “All Photos” icon on the far left.
  3. One by one select all the images that you’ve previously uploaded. Click the check mark on the upper left corner of each photo.Selecting photos in G Photos.
  4. Now that you’ve several icons on top of the screen – Share Photos, Create or add to album, Download and Delete. Click the “Download” icon.Download All Photos
  5. Now that the download is started in a single Zip file (.zip). The file is stored in a compressed format.
  6. After successfully downloading the compressed Zip file, open that file.
  7. Extract the Zip file contents to a separate folder called “Downloaded Images”; preferably on the Desktop.
  8. Download Clone Files Checker. Since we don’t have a built-in duplicate file cleaner in Windows, a third party tool is essential.
  9. Install and open Clone Files Checker.
  10. Add the “Downloaded Images” folder to include in the Scan. You can locate the list box on the left side of the main user interface.
  11. Select “Custom” option and check-up “Images” box.
  12. Start the scan and wait till it is finished.
  13. After successful scan, here is a dialog on your screen with two options: Quick-Fix and Review & Fix.

What are these two options?

  • The former lets you automatically delete all duplicates without needing to check each of them. All you’ve to do is to specify whether you want the old or new copies to be deleted.
  • The latter provides a way to go through duplicate files list so that you can decide which duplicate images to keep and which are to be removed.
  1. Click Quick-Fix or Review & Fix option, whichever you want to use for deleting your duplicates.
  2. After you’re done removing all duplicate images, now it’s time to delete existing images on the Google Photos account and upload the original ones.
  3. Visit
  4. Select all images and delete them. Remember, your images are moved to the Trash folder which you can, at any time, restore back again. (To do so, click three horizontal lines on upper left, and then select Bin.)
  5. Now that your collection is empty. Click “Upload Photos” icon on top.
  6. Drag and drop all images from the “Downloaded Images” folder. This may take some time depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Manual Solution – 2

  1. Download and install Picasa Desktop Client
  2. Launch it and login to your Google Account
  3. When it shows its main window, find the “Upload” and Enable the Sync
  4. The above step will make the Google to sync the photos between “Google Photos” and client’s local file system
  5. After syncing is completed, Click on Tools -> Experimental -> “Show Duplicate Files” ->
  6. Locate the duplicate files, delete them, and Enable the syncing again as mentioned in the step 3. This will remove all the duplicate files from Google Photos as well Local file system



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