How to Tackle Duplicate Files in Google Drive?

The biggest problem people encounter with G-drive is that of duplication of their files. It wastes a large storage space, makes obstacle in backing-up and synchronizing files. Luckily the Clone Files Checker software comes with an efficient Google Drive Duplicate Finder which can scan and remove duplicates effortlessly. It will save you from downloading drive data on your system. Download it from the following link, and also see manual steps to tackle issue of duplication in Google drive:


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Download Google Drive Duplicate Finder 

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Note: from Google Drive settings make sure to check “Automatically put your google photos into a folder in my Drive” This will allow CFC to scan for photos which won’t normally show in your Google Drive. You can watch the demo about this below. 

1- Using Google Drive Application

Managing Duplicate Files with Google Drive De-duplicate Feature Launched On September 6, 2016

Most of those who save files for offline use must know that uploading another version of a same file on the drive causes duplication. Google was aware of this problem and showered us with a new feature that would de-dupe files on your cloud drive. It will help us easily manage all the file versions.

With the new update, a new version of the file will replace the file. However, older versions will also be available allowing you to see the document version history.

How it works? Here are the steps:

  1. Just edit a downloaded file.
  2. Save the changes and upload it back to the Google Drive.
  3. Now you will see the new file along with the previous versions of it.
  4. If you wish to avoid this de-duplication, click on ‘Keep as separate file
New file version will supersede previous versions.
New file version will supersede previous versions.

See this animation to better understand the flow:

New drive file will be distinguished
Fix issue of repeated files.

Detailed Review of Duplicates in Google Drive 

1. Visit Google Drive download page. Alternatively, open your Google Drive home folder online. Click the Settings icon below the Profile Picture displayed on top right. Select “Download Drive” option.

2. Click Download Drive button, select “Mac and PC”.

3. After the download completes, install the program on your PC. It’ll automatically create desktop shortcut for Google Drive.

4. Wait till the file synchronization process completes. It may take a few minutes.

5. Double click newly created Google Drive desktop shortcut.

6. Following is the list of all file extensions we’ve to deal with:

  • Google Doc: .gdoc
  • Google Sheets: .gsheet
  • Google Slides: .gslides
  • Google Drawings: .gdraw
  • Google Forms: .gform

7. Press F3 key of your keyboard.

8. Type a file extension listed in Step # 6. For example: .gdoc


9. Search Results will come up with files with specified file extension. Now click View tab on Ribbon interface.

10. Click Group by | Name. (Under “Current View” category)


11. All duplicate files will appear followed by original files. Manually identify and delete such files.

12. Repeat above steps for remaining file extensions listed in Step # 6.

2- Using Clone Files Checker to Automatically Find Duplicate Files

Note: New Google Drive Duplicate Finder Scan Mode has been added into the software on April 12, 2016. You don’t need to download drive data on your system to let the software scan for identical files. If you are fond of using cloud drive online only, this feature will be immensely helpful to you. All you need to do is to follow these steps which are updated accordingly:

1. Download, install and run Clone Files Checker.

2. Click on Cloud Scan tab

3. Click on Load Drive and add the login details in Google-Powered login screen. Then allow the application, Clone Files Checker, to access your Google Drive. Keep in mind the application can not view your personal data. It only scans the metadata using Google API. Your data remains encrypted and secure!

Google-Powered Login Screen
Google-Powered Login Screen


4. After you’ve entered your details, the software will show you the folders in your Drive. You can scan entire drive or selected folders. You can also chose a custom scan mode. For instance, you can scan for duplicate images in google drive separately. Similarly you can command application to look for all file types including duplicate songs, videos, documents, etc. 

5. The scanning process will ensue folder selection and scan type. A brief scan will come up with the cloned files in your cloud drive. CFC will give you the option to review all files carefully.

Review Drive Files Prior to Removal
Review Drive Files Prior to Removal


After review, you can select which files to retain and which others to eradicate. The program allows you to either permanently remove repeated data or move it to the Trash folder of the Drive.

The above process is simple and user-friendly. If you have any questions please contact us directly or visit the FAQs, Features and Video Tutorial sections of the website.