Google Software Principles

Google is very keen to make sure internet users are saved from viruses, malwares, spywares and other fake applications used by mischievous people who blackmail people by hacking users systems. Our software company and all our software including the Clone Files Checker abide these principles and we make sure that we provide the best possible user experience to the fans of our software.

We do the following things in order to ensure that our software meets the standards set by Google:

No-tricky installation:

Clone Files Checker will not install into your computer without your permission. It will not maneuver the inside operations of your Windows without your consent. The software does not scan your system on its own and it allows itself to be removed easily. It does not install with any toolbar, addon or any other script or application. Its installation is safe and secured.

Upfront Disclosure

Clone Files Checker only makes money when you buy the pro version of the software. It clearly disclose this information on main menu of the website.

Simple Removal

Software is easily removable. See the uninstall section to learn the procedure to uninstall it from your system

Clear Behavior

Clone Files Checker will tell you the changes it has made to your system. You can undo these changes anytime. It will not perform any irrelevant action on your PC.

No Snooping

The application does not suction any information from your PC.

Keeping Good Company

Clone Files Checker will not bundle with any software that does not follow Google Software Principles.