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Stories of users: How CFC helped them

  • I couldn’t believe it! Clone files checker gave me back 3.7 GB of space I thought I’d never see again! Almost 600 duplicate files! I thought I was doing good keeping my computer free from extra files, Now I can count on Clonefileschecker to help me! Thanks Clone Files Checker!!

    - Jim Visser

  • "My family and I had accumulated over 8000 files over a dozen years of Always being careful to back-them-up on external drives. After several "migrations" from older computers or hard-drive we ended up with a real mess; lots of duplicates, same file names, modified file names and misnamed. It was time to clean them up. After a short search on the web I chose CLONE FILES CHECKER and put it to work on well over 56,000 files! The work saved us over 32 gig"

    - Paul Lefebvre
    Ottawa, Canada

  • "It's a great program and so easy to use .. ten out of ten"

    - Stephen Borg

3-Steps To Delete Duplicate Music Files

Clone Files Checker’s (CFC) inbuilt Duplicate iTunes Finder allows you to find and delete identical songs sneaking inside your PC in just 3 steps:

1- Download Clone Files Checker

Click on the download button to download and install Clone Files Checker on your Windows computer.

2- Scan For iTunes Duplicate Files:

From top right of the software, select the iTunes Scan mode. Before you click START SEARCH button carefully review the selection criteria. In some cases you would see different songs identified as dupes. The reason for detection is that CFC would find duplicate songs based on LD3 tags such as title, album, artist, duration, bit rate and songs content.

3- Quickly Delete Songs:

Clone Files Checker will allow you to quickly remove all the itunes duplicate songs scanned. It also gives you the option to backup data before removal.

3-Benefits Of Cleaning Duplicate Songs

Why would you allow your computer to suffer from the menace of redundant data? It can not only cause incurable disorganization in your PC but can also result in data corruption. It’s a wise choice to keep your iTunes library cleaned up from copies of same music files.

By using CFC-Duplicate Music Finder feature you can achieve these 3 important benefits:

  • Well-organized and duplicate-free iTunes collection
  • No risk of data loss and corruption
  • More and more free hard disk space

A few minutes of your attention, and you avoid disorganization

Download CFC iTunes Duplicates Finder

Delete iTunes duplicates & Create more space effortlessly. By clicking to download, you agree to these Terms

Sorcim Facts

  • Founded in 2004
  • Incorporated in 2004
  • From 2005 to 2009 served more than 400 business clients
  • Launched Reginout System Utilities in 2009
  • Achieved Intel Premium Elite Partner status in 2012
  • Launched Clone Files Checker in April 2014
  • Listed software applications in Mircrosoft Pinpoint Network
    Microspft Pinpoint

  • Launched ST Cleaner & Booster Android app in 2014

Clone Files Checker Facts

  • Compatible w/ Windows 10, 8.1/8.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Versign Digital Certificate
IBM Partner